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Morooka MST300VD

Sonntag, Oktober 11th, 2009

Tracked dumper Morooka MST300VD for sale.

weight 2200 kg
pay load 2500 kg

length 3160 mm
width 1640 mm
height 1620 mm
dump body LxWxH 1700x1400x370 mm

Kubota engine
performance 46 PS at 2800 revolutions

climbing power 57%
ground pressure unloaded 0.16 kg/cm²


Donnerstag, April 16th, 2009

Volvo Dumper A35E

Maximum productivity at the lowest possible cost is the best way to become profitable.  With the A35E , it’s possible to actually do it. The heart of the machine – the drivetrain – is developed by Volvo, down to the smallest detail. That’s natural to Volvo Dumper since the drivetrain – engine, transmission, dropbox, axles, and wheels – is decisive for the machine’s rimpull, operating reliability, fuel consumption, and service life. To that you can add minimal service needs, and you can confidently count on profitability in the long run

The new generation’s engines

Volvo’s new engines give A35E have more power and rimpull. The D12 a engines feature Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology and get maximal energy from every drop of fuel. The turbocharged, low-emission diesel engines feature electronically-controlled directinjection and intercooler.

No daily service
There’s no daily service needed for Volvo’s haulers. Monitored checks of oil and fluid levels all add up to minimal service needs. Long intervals between every service mean more time for productive work. Downtime during service is short, thanks to few service points and simple work. All filters are easy to access, the engine hood opens a full 90 degrees, and the swingdown front grill makes it easy to reach service points on the engine. CareTrack provides remote monitoring of the machine´s position, utilization and performance. With immediate availability of correct facts about your machines, you can analyze the situation shift by shift, and make decisions that result in higher productivity and shorter downtime.

Space and comfort
Our articulated haulers feature the quiet, clean and spacious Volvo Care Cab. The first thing you notice is how easy it is to get in to the A35E and A40E. The steps are well-matched, the door opening is wide and without a threshold. Inside the cab there’s plenty of room for the operator as well as other items, such as boots and a lunchbox. The ergonomically designed operator’s seat features air-suspension and is easily adjustable for true comfort. The steering wheel angle can be adjusted, and there’s also a vertical height adjustment.

A machine you can always trust Volvo Construction Machinery

Engine Volvo D12D AEE3 /AFE3
Max power at                                        30 r/s 1 800 r/min
SAE J1995 Gross                                    313 kW 419 hp
Flywheel power at                                30 r/s 1 800 r/min
ISO 9249, SAE J1349 Net                     309 kW 414 hp
Max torque at                                       20 r/s 1 200 r/min
SAE J1995 Gross                                   2100 Nm 1 549 lb ft
ISO 9249, SAE J1349 Net                      2056 Nm 1 547 lb ft
Displacement total                                12 l 732 in3

Engine: Volvo, V-act Tier III, 6-cylinder in-line, direct injected electronicallycontrolled. Volvo’s turbocharged and intercooled 4-stroke diesel engine, generates high torque at low rpm for quick response and low exhaust emissions. Cooling system: High-capacity cooling system with power and fuel saving, variable speed fans. VOLVO A35  PDF FILE

Morooka MST1300

Sonntag, Oktober 11th, 2009

Rubber tracked Dumper Morooka MST1300 for sale.

Komatsu diesel engine
rubber tracks

for more information, please contact us

Crawler Dumper Morooka MST1100

Sonntag, Oktober 11th, 2009

Used tracked dumper for Sale.

CE marking
manual instruction
spare parts book

rubber tracks 700mm
dump body


Komatsu S6d95L turbo
cylinder 6
performance 132PS / 2500/Umin

starter 24 volt 5,5KW
alternator 24V / 15a

type of drive hydraulic
main pump 51,6 ccm³

Morooka MST2500

Sonntag, Oktober 11th, 2009

Used Dump Truck Morooka MST2500 for sale.

Hino diesel
performance 260PS
cylinder 6

weight appr 14000 Kg
track width 750mm

length 6500mm
width 3000mm
height 2700mm
vehicle payload 12000 Kg


Donnerstag, April 16th, 2009
Caterpillar Articulated Dumper

Caterpillar Articulated Dumper

Used Dump Trucks for sale online . Information of used articulated dump trucks you can find on

Morooka – MST 2200

Sonntag, Oktober 11th, 2009

Used crawler dumper with caterpillar motor for Sale.

11.700 kg
max. pay load appr. 11.000 kg

total length appr. 5430mm
total width appr. 2700mm
total height appr. 2500mm
rubber tracks width 700 mm
track distance appr. 1900mm

Caterpillar diesel engine
water cooling
250 HP / 2600 rpm

Mitsubishi Turas (LD1000)

Sonntag, Oktober 11th, 2009

Sprockets are new and can be used for all LD1000 machines.

dump truck Mitsubishi for the Types:

Morooka – MST 700E

Sonntag, Oktober 11th, 2009

Replacement tracks for dump trucks.

We deliver new rubber tracks (Morooka) for following track carrier (track carrier):
Morooka MST 700E

Crawler Dumper Morooka MST2000

Sonntag, Oktober 11th, 2009

Used crawler Dumper Morooka MST2000 for sale
with CE-marking.